Art in Progress: Music in Stained Glass for June 4th “Mystic and Majestic” concert by Virginia Bronze

I am so excited to making these stained glass works for the Mystic and Majestic concert performed by Virginia Bronze on June 4th.  I’m still  creating all the art for a art/music collaboration with Virginia Bronze Community Handbell Ensemble.  They are having a concert on June 4th at the George Washington National Masonic Temple in Alexandria,  and again on June 17th, at the Workhouse Arts Center,  entitled Mystic and Majestic.  My efforts include prepresenting four music works in  large scale, stained glass panels on six-foot tall stands with lighting.  This has been quite the challenge and such a joy to work on  each day.  The Four Works I’m creating visuals for are: Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite, Debussy’s Sunken Cathedral, Mussorgsky’s Great Gate of Kiev and the Lux Aeterna.

Stravinsky middle panel

The middle panel representing Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite

A very special thanks to following wonderful people, who are donating to my active Kickstarter.  All the art for this project will be able to come to fruition, due to your help. I can’t thank each of you enough. Thankyou sooo much!

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Upcoming concert at the Masonic Temple in Alexandria
Upcoming concert at the Masonic Temple in Alexandria
















The first work  created, was for Lux Aeterna.

I am learning so much during this project and am enjoying all the planing and physical work involved. Like any medium, there is a fairly big learning curve, however it’s worth all the hard work. This challenge has honed in my design ideas and made me really think through every line and it’s purpose within the design.








progress lux 1
Progress for Lux Aeterna








Glass has such a beauty to it and it’s textures are just as important as their colorings.

final lux


















I’m working  with a wonderful metal artist (Tex Forrest) who is custom creating my steel stands.  He’s an artist in his own right and just wonderful to work with.

Tex is racing off to start work on the first steel stand!
Tex is racing off to start work on the first steel stand! Below is his finished work! It’s currently residing in my studio at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA, while I continue with the other glass works.










The Stained Glass representation of Lux Aeterna is in the stand!

Lux  Aeterna is in the stand!!! Looking forward to this moment with Stravinsky.

Despite not having ever worked in  stained glass, it seemed the only choice after  I was struck with the idea, while  hearing the Virginia Bronze bell ringing group.  Glass and bells, visually work well together and glass lends it’self to the sounds and environmen of clarity and soundings that glass can suggestt.  It seemed obvious that using a simple series of paintings on stage, behind the musician, would have been too stagnant and didn’t seem appropriate for any aspect of  the venue.

making stravinsky

Stravinsky in the making

Learning my way through this process has been a challenge, but I’m loving the medium,   The stained glass work representing Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite will be in three panels.  The middle panel represents the first part of the main phrasing motif  for the finale, the other lower panel illustrates the second half.  The top panel brings the two together and unifies the triptych.

The top panel for Stravinsky's Firebird Suite by Britt Conley
The top panel for Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite by Britt Conley









Below is an updated image of all three panels.  The view is upside down, but you can see how they work together.  I will be done with the last of the soldering of the frame and all parts on Saturday March 24th and then the glass is off to Tex, who will work his magic with the stand.  It’s a complex stand, but that is forte.  Meanwhile  I am working on the last two glass work as we speak!  More images will come soon! Please consider going to my kickstarter and helping fund all supplies and items needed for this project!

The upside down view of the Stravinsky: Firebird Suite Triptych by Britt Conley
The upside down view of the Stravinsky: Firebird Suite Triptych by Britt Conley




















Final Stravinsky in it stand : )
Final Stravinsky in it stand : )



















Next up… Debussy’s Sunken Cathedral… images coming soon.