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Photo by J. Davis

Recently I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to show my work at the Women Helping Women’s Conference and to have the lead work from my last solo show, purchased by Jill Biden.  I am thrilled it’s going to their lovely home.  ‘Musica’ represents what many may call, the Mozart moment, when a composer stops percolating with ideas and sees and hears exactly what the music will be and suddenly can hear, see and act as one.  The piece illustrates the energy and the beauty of the bowings, notes and sounds the composer if feverishly putting down into the staff.  I find that focused moment to be one of the quentisential abilities of our humanity and the essence of creation.

Musica by Britt Conley
















I was also thrilled to have sold Hummel’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in A minor.  Op. 25 thru the Arts Club of Washington in March. It’s a recent work and one of my favorites.

Hummel Piano Concerto No. 2 in A minor, Op. 25. By Britt Conley
















The Arts Club of Washington has been absolutely wonderful and I can’t recomend them enough.  In 2018 I was fortunate enough to win two awards of excellence for the first of my Chopin series and for Noturno Phantasm, a nocturn of the night.

Winning an award of excelence from The Arts Club of Washington.
Up close of Chopin, by Britt Conley

















The work also showed at The Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton.

Compounds Not Required Chopin Etude #12 Opus, 25 by Britt Conley
















One of the other really wonderful events this past year was having my first group showing at the Huntington Museum of Art.  Feldeinsamkeit was entered.  It is a Brahms lead for paino and male voice.  It’s inspired from a poem Brahms read about a man lying in the field in tall grass, listening to the incencent sound of crickits, while the clouds move rhythmically overhead.

Feldeinsamkeit by Britt Conley


















It was a wonderful experience, the museum staff are incredible and the evening reception was phenomenally done.  I really loved being in the space and it has inspired a couple of potential museum shows that are in the making…

Feldiensamkeit by Britt Conley at The Huntington Museum of Art.










I’m currently working on several call for entries, my solo show for September, a show at the Arts Club of Washington which will hopefully have my jazz guitar commission completed for the unveiling.  It’s been slow going but I think I can get it done… The image below is a detail of the guitar strings being plucked.

Detail of guitar commission by Britt Conley
















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