Crossroad's Gallery at Goodwin House
Music as Data
The Tuba Player
Rhapsody in Blue
New Show, New Series.
Take Five
Menagerie Musique
Jazz Envisioned
Jazz composition for John Kocur
Jazz Envisioned
Counter Weights and Balances
Percolating Sound
Drawing Show!!!
Creative Seeds
The Tuba Player
Entanglements Within
One Fish, Two Fish...
Beakered Bliss
Audile ecstasy, symphonic bound
The Excalibur
Trance-posing Me
Impetuous Potential
Courtly Love
The Universe: Traipsing the Trip Fantastic!
Music, The Making of...
Billiards and Bobs
A Long Shot
Baby Britt goes to the Zoo...
Disorderly Conductive and the Compressionist
Darwinings: A Martian Parcheesi
Sea Scape Scrabble
Counter-slopes and Substrates
Klee Klack
'Abuzzment' of Grooving
The Overture in the Hall
In and of Itself
Traversing the Interval Sea