Restaurant Season


One of the fantastic things about our neighborhood is the sheer volume and variety of restaurants with outdoor seating.  Each Spring, Clarendon brings the very best for people watching, including the cute dogs which restaurant goers often bring along.  This past weekend’s weather presented my first opportunity to capture our local outdoor life.  Consider this the first of many.  Anyone want to guess the restaurant?


Restaurant Season - 6.75 x 5.25" graphite on paper
Restaurant Season - 6.75 x 5.25" graphite on paper

3 thoughts on “Restaurant Season”

  1. This drawing is really very enticing Britt. Clean, crisp and your geometric people are so natural, Love the ‘footsie’ play of the figures on the right.

  2. OH – I am sooo glad you noticed the feet because I wanted to get the front girl playing “footsie” as you so aptly mentioned with the other girls date. The actual woman didn’t quite stretch that far but I thought I’d go ahead and make the connection. : )

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