Cherry Blossom Afternoon




Cherry Blossom Afternoon 9x7.5 Graphite on paper
Cherry Blossom Afternoon 9x7.5 Graphite on paper

Saturday, when the sun was beaming high in the sky, I came upon a picturesque group of women gathered under our Cherry Blossoms for a picnic.  I dropped everything and grabbed a frame of them.  I don’t mind working from photographs as reference when, they truly are just reference.  So tonight I put the image up on the screen and sketched out another geometric configuration.   Sketching provides a great place for me to work out idea’s, for better or worse.  I often learn as much of what not to do as what clearly is working.  I’d love to turn this particular sketch into a fully wrought out drawing with clean geometrics.  Perhaps that will be an upcoming daily post, rather than later.

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