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20% Off Sale for art purchases on Small Business Saturday

Some people have been wondering if was going to have a 20% off sale this year.  Well,  here it is!   My current show, Musica: Music Visualized, is currently on view in the foyer of Building 10 at the Workhouse Arts Center.   The show will be 20% off on November 25th, 2017, for Small Business Saturday!  I’ll be there from 11am-6pm if you’d like to browse and possibly  make a purchase.  This holiday season,  I have added cards to my offerings.  A set of five is $25.  Also, check out the studio.  Everything available for sale will also have the discount.  And if you are looking to buy one of the large scale works… email me, come in and lets see if we can work something out.  Perhaps they can find a home with someone willing to frame : )  The other artists will also be having a sale, so come on down to the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA (Building 10).  There’s more art that here in the post, but you’ll need to come down to see it!  Looking foward to seeing you : )


Stained Glass by Britt Conley. Great Gate of Kiev, Sunken Cathedral, Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite





Art by Britt Conley, for her show Musica: Music Visualized at the Workhouse Arts Center. Building 10.
Stained Glass by Britt Conley




Rhapsody in Blue by Britt Conley
Music phrasings on ceramics by Britt Conley
On view now until 12/3/17 at the Workhouse Arts Center. Musical Art by Britt Conley

Britt Conley’s Stained Glass with Interactive Musical Light Experience: a concert with Virginia Bronze!

An incredible journey… MUSIC VISUALIZED IN STAINED GLASS FOR “MYSTIC AND MAJESTIC” CONCERT BY VIRGINIA BRONZE It was a year in the making and an amazing artistic journey!  In June of 2016 I began talks with Virginia Bronze on collaborating for their season finale.  The concert: Mystical and Majestic would be taking place at the George … Continue reading Britt Conley’s Stained Glass with Interactive Musical Light Experience: a concert with Virginia Bronze!

Strathmore Show : La Vie en Bleu

Really enjoyed  the opening reception, on Thursday,  January 5th, 2017, in the Strathmore Mansion at the Strathmore Center for the Arts in North Bethesda.   The show, “La Vie en Bleu” features  the color blue, itself.   The piece that juried in, is titled “Out of the Blue” The receptoin was wonderful and garnered quite the crowd!  A phenomenal … Continue reading Strathmore Show : La Vie en Bleu

Crossroad’s Gallery at Goodwin House

I just wanted to thank everyone for all your support and for coming out to see the works on March 6th at the Crossroad’s Gallery at Goodwin House.  As I said earlier, during my talk, musicians always have a dancing partner.  Generally they enjoying creating in groups.  Even when practicing alone, they still have the … Continue reading Crossroad’s Gallery at Goodwin House

Jazz composition for John Kocur

Working on the finishing touches on this piece for my show this week at the Workhouse Art’s Center in Lorton, Virginia.  I’ve picked four Washington D.C. area Jazz composers and created a painting for each that represents the persona of their writing style.  They in turn are writing original compositions to their paintings.  We converge … Continue reading Jazz composition for John Kocur

Courtly Love

Courtly Love: a love worth the greatest efforts one has to give, the farthest wishes one has to hope for, and the greatest prize one can reach for.  It is elegant, upstanding, demanding and life changing and all with the beauty and elegance of touch, grace and passionate scheming. Britt

Music, The Making of…

From top to bottom: Notes fall from the staff into the realm of instrumentation, are converted into sounds while being played before being put toward the listener’s perception as a lovely ballet of melodic line.  I have to clean this up but for a first sketch, not bad.  This is a tabled-3/4 view. Britt

Sea Scape Scrabble

A little fun after a long week of pitfalls and ponderings.  Will be posting the entire story tomorrow.  Just needed to have a bit of fun, let loose and dream of the sea, sun and all the fun one has floating about. I’ll be adding to this post tomorrow… as for now… zzzzzzzzzzzz. Britt