Britt Conley and Harald Malmgren at Britt's opening reception. Photo by Forrest MacCormack
Britt Conley and her father, Harald Malmgren at Britt’s opening reception. Photo by Forrest MacCormack

Britt began her drawing tutelage at an early age from her artist grandfather while her mother taught her about sound shapes, pianists and composers.  All the while, Britt concerned herself with the color and touch of these sounds. By the age of five she came across her first drum set and embraced it. By the1980’s, she began her first career as the drummer for a Washington D.C. based band.  By day she managed her academic and art education in high school and college, while by night, performing in D.C.s club scene.  During this time, she received her B.A. in Fine Art from George Washington University as well as a Studio Lighting degree in Photography at NOVA, culminating with an internship in London at News International in 1993, where she worked for the Times learning graphics, digital imaging, photo editing and photojournalism on the whole.  During her nearly 15 years at USA Today working in photography, photo-editing, digital imaging and on the Life picture desk, she still followed her education in art.  She studied the History of Color at Cambridge and began cultivating her own artistic philosophy while looking into new fields that would help shape her visual ideas.  In 1990, she entered Georgetown University to learn more about art, science and philosophy, but was soon swayed by her research into neuro-aesthetics and perception. Now she synthesizes musical structure, aesthetic philosophy and neuro-science.  She rarely plays her kit, publicly, anymore, but she can be found in  her studio, which resides at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA. in Building 10.