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Musica on View until 5pm, December 3rd, 2017

Shows for November, December
Stained Glass by Britt Conley. Great Gate of Kiev, Sunken Cathedral, Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite





Art by Britt Conley, for her show Musica: Music Visualized at the Workhouse Arts Center. Building 10.
Stained Glass by Britt Conley




Rhapsody in Blue by Britt Conley
Music phrasings on ceramics by Britt Conley
On view now until 12/3/17 at the Workhouse Arts Center. Musical Art by Britt Conley

Crossroad’s Gallery at Goodwin House

I just wanted to thank everyone for all your support and for coming out to see the works on March 6th at the Crossroad’s Gallery at Goodwin House.  As I said earlier, during my talk, musicians always have a dancing partner.  Generally they enjoying creating in groups.  Even when practicing alone, they still have the … Continue reading Crossroad’s Gallery at Goodwin House

Still fruit

  Still working on technique and style.  Fruit is a great way to work on both.  Tonight is an apple and a pear.   This is the second time I’ve thought I was actually getting somewhere with this drawing.  It’s a slow process, but it’s coming along.


  The anticipation of a rain filled day turned as blue sky suddenly emerged.  Despite this I was going to stay indoors and draw today.  One of the tough things about my schedule is that I get home so late that often I only have time to whip out a sketch.  For that reason I … Continue reading Vase

On the Air

  I got this at work and have been meaning to draw it forever.  After a couple of test runs I am far more pleased with tonight’s version.  This is charcoal.  A bit messier than the graphite I’ve been mainly working with, but it adds more depth than graphite can.  I think some more charcoal … Continue reading On the Air


  Some of my favorite memories before the age of six are playing outside under the magnolia tree of the first house I grew up in on 35th street in Georgetown.  That lovely tree out front has recently gone missing.  I noticed it’s sudden absence the other week while leaving drawing class at the Corcoran’s G-town … Continue reading Magnolias