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Some write songs about loss.  I’ve decided to draw mine.  I’ve lost a lifetime’s worth in the past eight months but am doing just fine.  But one of the things about loss is that it’s worth remembering, feeling, and even drawing.  Both the ups and the downs of life are worth their weight in gold. … Continue reading Loss

The Paper

  I stopped by Greenberry’s  the other day and found a few patrons out and about.  This man was reading the paper at the table next to mine.  I just loved his beard and the fact that he was reading a paper!  So I did a little more pencil work to the original marker sketch.

Painter Girl

  I’ve been spending the weekends painting.  After all that is the point of this blog… get back to painting.  So tonight is a reminder for myself that I need to spend more time as painter girl.   Hopefully this will get me painting on week nights!


  Hands are a huge challenge but fun.  There is so much detail to either spend weeks capturing or an hour quickly sketching.  For now, I’m working on the character and positioning of my hands.  I’m taking this one step at a time, working on masses and positioning this summer.  Hopefully I’ll be ready for … Continue reading Hands


  I was wandering through Facebook, as I do, when I came upon a friend’s photos and immediately knew what I wanted to draw.  I don’t like working from photos but then again there is challenge in capturing the spirit of those in them.  These two are among my dearest friends and I don’t see … Continue reading Friends


  Anyone who knows my husband, knows he loves his coffee as much as I love my tea.  Our weekend would not be complete without a trip to one of the local coffee/tea shops for said cup of joe.  Today we went to Greenberry’s for our drinks and list making.  I also did a lot … Continue reading Coffee


  I was thinking about school tonight…the years and years I’ve spent in classes and the lovely books I’ve collected.  While reflecting on the wall of books I decided to draw an homage to all those students, past, present and future: the idealists sitting in classes and coffee shops, books akimbo and the wonderful journey … Continue reading School

Restaurant Season

  One of the fantastic things about our neighborhood is the sheer volume and variety of restaurants with outdoor seating.  Each Spring, Clarendon brings the very best for people watching, including the cute dogs which restaurant goers often bring along.  This past weekend’s weather presented my first opportunity to capture our local outdoor life.  Consider … Continue reading Restaurant Season