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The Art of

Britt Conley

My artistic expression focuses on translating musical experience, embracing the experiential and orchestrated aspects of music, visualizing the sounds, phrasing and physicality of performance, as well as personifying writing styles.



My visual languages and approach to creating, lends themselves to paper-works and mixed-media.  Mixed media is similar to using a variety of musical instruments for texture.  Differing media provide a new visual symphony through variations in sound textures, musical movement and by providing elemental structural contrasts.



Oil paint is one of my favorite mediums. The slow drying rate of oils helps provide opportunities for digging deeper with the music at hand by forming a greater relational flow of ideas with an ever changing elemental expression, across the lengthy span of each painting’s creation.



To me, sculptural designing means embracing aesthetic shapes and elemental combinations as a both a designer and a experientialist.  The works begin with a well developed, unifying concept.  The creative joy lies in the designing and creating a compelling interaction between the elemental parts.

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