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National Portrait Gallery


Terrace Cards 8.5 x 9 Graphite on paper
Terrace Cards 8.5 x 9 Graphite on paper

After spending the day traipsing around the National Portrait Gallery with fellow artist Sandra Colquitt looking for all the Sargents and Cecilia Beaux works we could find, we headed down the courtyard cafe with tired feet and a cup of tea in mind.  While resting I managed to get a quick frame of two women doing the same.  The woman on the right was struggling to open something, while the woman on the left was stretched out after just taking her glasses off.  With all the 19th century art we had just seen, I decided to re-envision these two with a 19th century twist and have them playing cards out on a terrace.  I see a block style series emerging.  After I finish my comission I will have to get them all up and running.

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