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Britt is a synesthesic, music-visualist who creates artistic works that visually represent music via personifying composers writing styles, concepts of the musical composition process or particular music pieces. She often collaborates with composers and musicians for event-based exhibitions.

Born in the mid-60s in Washington D.C., Britt began her drawing tutelage at an early age, and under the influence of her artist and conservator grandfather. She learned about sounds, touch and phrasings, of pianists and composers from her mother. During her musical upbringing, Britt was concerned with the color and feel of musical sounds. It was years before she and her family understood she had synesthesia.

Her early childhood experience informed her drive to visualize music. As a child, she found her experience of seeing color with sound did not match contemporary artist’s depictions of music and didn’t seem to reflect her own experience. She decided to begin her philosophic quest for how to visually personify music around the age of 6. It would take decades for her to create the complexity of expression and visual potential of her own visual language.

Today, Britt’s visualized, musical personifications are changing audiences aural and visual expectations of music and art in addition to inciting new visual and aural experiences.  She enjoys collaborating with musicians and ensembles to help bring new understanding and appreciation to composer’s works.

Britt holds a BA in Fine Arts from George Washington University, a MALS from Georgetown University, a certificate in Art History: History of Color from the University of Cambridge, UK International Summer School, and an Associates in Photography from Northern Virginia Community College. Her studio resides in building 10 at The Workhouse Arts Center, just outside of Washington D.C., in Lorton, Virginia.

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