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  These days the options are to do or not to do?  And there are so many options with so little time.  Today’s drawing is glimpse into everything that’s on my mind right now.  Possible layoffs at work, building new skill sets and wondering how to build that bridge and how on earth one does … Continue reading Options


A few months ago I took an opportunity to see the latest Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Va.  Amazing doesn’t cover how extraordinary it was.   The last time I went to see Rockwell’s work was with my Grandfather, (who was also an artist), Grandmother and Father.  That was a couple … Continue reading Rockwell

Creative Joy

  Well after yesterday’s portrait debacle, I thought a delightful relaxing abstract was in order.  This was a joy to draw.  Another painting for this year.  I do love the way this abstract series is emerging.

Spatial Management

  Visual language operates within abstract constructs.  For this reason we can work conceptual relationships without working with an obvious subject matter.  That is one the greatest aspects of dealing with the language of visual communication…. probably why I love designing abstract works.


There are a limited number of sunrises and sunsets and every moment is a slice of time in between.   I’ve had the most amazing time, all because I listened to my gut,  stopped in my tracks one day 14 years ago and went back to ask Steve what he was listening to.  Three weeks … Continue reading Time


  I search for space, the way it feels, the way it breaths and  the way line and space express themselves.  Today’s drawing is the first preliminary sketch for a series I’ve been meaning to do for some time.  The nice thing about this blog is working out some visual concepts before working them up the … Continue reading Unscripted


  I’ve mentioned before my love of abstracts.  Each one is different and fun.  Tonight’s makes me think of the calming feeling I get after having the perfect party.  Relaxing, smooth, but full of fun highlights.  This took under 40 in to draw and fill.  I love that.