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2023 News:

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I am thrilled to have won 3rd prize in the international book, Color Symphonies for Gauguin and Van Gogh.

Nocturno Phantasm was begin in 2018 during a difficult time for me when I was undergoing severe back issues. For approximately 8 months I had enduring severe pain and had great deal of difficulty trouble creating anything at all. Looking back, I still amazed that I managed everything. Along the way I kept thinking of van Gogh and all he was able to endure to the sake of expression and that on going thought created this work. The work was unveiled at The Arts Club of Washington and won The Award of Excellence. In 2022, after being contacted to create a work for Color Symphonies, I went back into Nocturno Phantasm and fully and creatively brought it to a more focused life, devoting it to van Gogh. Unlike a standard nocturne that drifts one off to sleep, this nocturne is a frenzied, much like Van Gogh’s mind. It’s about the creative hours, the mind at it’s most alert and inventive and all ideas that can be re- considered and looked forward to… for the morning.

2022 News:


• Extremely honored to have won an Award of Excellence from The Arts Club of Washington for the 2022 Winter’s Member’s Show.  The award is for Ravel’s Left-hand Concerto. It was a phenomenal way to end the year on a lovely music note.

This work attempts to translate the beginning of Ravel’s Left-handed Concerto. The work encompasses the extraordinary journeyed amassing of the contra bassoon and basses all leading up to one breath of silence before the left hand forcefully comes down for the first chord and into a flutter of notes leading into the next chord, before the reckoning of descending chords upon the octaves in a surprise cadenza which i see as one of the great introductions to pianist, one can ask for. Ravel clearly wanted everyone to hear that this pianist may have one hand, but is never lacking extraordinary talent, expertise and power. Ravel wrote the work for composer Paul Wittgenstein who had lost his hand in the war. I was struck by the poignancy of Ravels intent and success in his musical structure.

Honored to be a part of Art Ideal 2022.

The second issue of Art IDEAL magazine includes the work of 100 contemporary artists from around the world. We look at a variety of practices; from painters working in traditional oil on canvas, contemporary realism and abstract expressionism, photographers capturing in film and digital in the studio and outdoors as well as a variety of unique techniques in 2D, 3D and digital media. This diverse anthology provides an opportunity to discover mid-career and established artists and explore a wide spectrum of contemporary aesthetics. To find out more about each artist, visit their website and inquire with us or them directly to collaborate or purchase a featured artwork.

Art Ideal Magazine v. 2


• So honored to be in the February Issue of Northern Virginia Magazine!!!

Featured in the February Issue of Northern Virginia Magazine, Top Docs Issue.

Click for the online issue here

2020-2021 News:

Artist in Residence with The Old Bridge Orchestra. November 6th, Illustrations of Sound concert at The Hylton Performing Arts Center. Performing Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. Image behind the orchestra – Great Gate of Kiev by Britt Conley
The Old Castle, 2nd Movement of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. Art by Britt Conley

The Old Bridge Chamber Orchestra Artist in Residence

In the Fall 2021 issue of Circle Quarterly

In the 2021 issue of Boomer Magazine

One of which was Boomer Magazine which did an international call for artists representing new original work in 2021.  The issue, The New Artist in our Contemporary World featured Pablo Piccaso and that alone made me want to try and be one of those artist.  He had a huge impact on my art.  I went to see his NY Exhibit at the Met in the late 70s or early 80s. that took up numerous floors.  All the art was in order of it’s creation.  After that exhibit I knew I had to make art work.

Summer 2021 Members Exhibition at

On view at The Arts Club of Washington: Summer 2021 Member’s Show

Schubert’s Symphony #8, 1st Movement “Unfinished Symphony”
by Britt Conley Mixed Media

Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony by Britt Conley SOLD
Bizet’s Carmen
by Britt Conley
Mixed Media

Handel’s Water Music, “Air” by Britt Conley Mixed Media, SOLD















2020: Artist in Residence with The Wheeling Symphony

Artist in Residence with The Wheeling Symphony

2020 Member’s Exhibition at The Arts Club of Washington’s Members Exhibition. I would love to see you there!


The pandemic has been difficult for everyone, including me.  While everything seemed to take a big hit, I kept pushing forward with the art.  That is where my hopes live and breath.  So while many things seemed to fall away, I was able to have some forward motion despite things.

In Winter of 2020 I was excitedly one of the featured artists at The Arts Club of Washington.  The reception included a memorable night with family and friends! The opening reception was Friday, January 10th, 2020 from 6:30-8:30.  I met many people and enjoyed many a conversation about the thought processes involved in personifying music.  I absolutely love The Arts Club!

Debussy’s La Mer,  This work is from the 2nd movement – play of the sea.



















Another unexpected honor was not only being accepted into the The Northern Virginia Review Magazine but also being  on the cover of the 34th edition.  The cover mixed media work, “Musica,” is in the collection of a wonderful couple who’s home is not just heartfelt but full of love.  Even a bigger honor!

Am grateful to have been accepted into the 34th edition and Spring issue of The Virginia Review Magazine and even more honored to be on the cover and to have had this art added to the collection of the Biden’s.


















Also inside the issue is Manhattan Lullaby, a graphite work representing the title track of Chris Ziemba’s jazz album Manhattan Lullaby.  My September 2019 solo show at The Workhouse Arts Center,  featured nearly 90 works personifying the many of the songs from his album.   Chris is an amazing composer and pianist.  He is also  the pianist for The Airmen of Note, who are literally  “The premier jazz ensemble of the United States Air Force.”  It was a real pleasure to work with him.  You can see more on the show further, below.


















Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 6 in B minor, The Pathetique measures 221-229” (also in the issue) was recently awarded The Award of Excellence from The Arts Club of Washington.  It was also featured in two other magazines…

An additional feature during the summer was a four page spread in Studio Visit Magazine which I have loved since the 90s, when I used to go to Barnes and Noble, grab the recent issues and enjoy some tea while perusing the latest trends in the art world.  I’m honored to be in it and also to be one of the first artists with so many dedicated pages.  Due to covid the 2020 issue came out in 2021.  Better late than never 🙂


















One of the other truly great opportunities about 2021 were the commissions!  I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with The Wheeling Symphony for their February “Soundbites” concert.  I created a work of art to personify Gershwin’s I Got Rhythm.  It was such a joy to work with them.  I really loved the entire experience!  They are a phenomenal organization.








To see the video lead up, click the blue link below the image!











Lead up for social – SD 480p

The work was shown to the LIVE concert both in person and virtually.  After the performance of the piece the artwork was auctioned off!  See the creation of the work with the link below!  I wanted to thank Maestro John Genaro Devlin for thinking of me and for being so creative and thoughtful with his concert series and opportunities!

I Got Rhythm for FB – SD 480p

Also back in November 2020 was my annual solo show!  It was only seen by a handful of people.  I’ve decided to add far larger anchor pieces and have a new show that can be seen within the next couple of years.  The show was titled The Conductor Envisioned!  The Conductor Envisioned features visual personifications of 20 conductors.  Instead of following the exacting physical tempo motions, I wanted to capture the conductor’s personality and visualize their communication style by providing an iconic visual aesthetic, that personifies the energy, shape and philosophy of what they bring to their conducting.  For more information, visit my ‘exhibition page.’

The Conductor Envisioned by Britt Conley at the Workhouse Arts Center from November 9th-December 8th, 2020









Lastly, for shows, I was also honored to make it into The Workhouse Arts Center Glass National show, June 17, 2020September 16, 2020.

Right now, May 2021, I’m working on a phenomenal commission! I’ve been asked to create a triptych of Copeland’s Appalachian Spring.  It has taken a couple of months just to think and organize how to approach it on paper.  It’s a heartfelt challenge that I hope will bring one of my best efforts. The background is almost done being layered. Then comes the music! Can’t wait!!!

No photos for this one yet!  I like to work privately and create my own dialog to go with the piece at hand.

So 2020 had some amazing things, so horrible things, difficult times and a lot of time to reflect on how to move forward despite the difficulties.  Looking forward to working hard through the summer, fall and a eventually having holiday full of what feels long lost family and friends.

2019 News:

Thank you to everyone who came out for my latest solo show, Jazz Envisioned: Manhattan Lullaby.  For months I listened to Chris Ziemba’s album, Manhattan Lullaby and attempted to visualize much of it.  I used the main two walls to  showcase the first song on the album, “Josie.”  The art is a nearly entirely note for note translation of this piece into motivic cells.  It seemed a wonderful way to emulate the main and subset structures of his writing style.

Jazz Envisioned: Manhattan Lullaby by Britt Conley











Overall this has been an incredibly rewarding experience.  Visually personifying Chris’s music into numerous thematic work runs has allowed me to chew through a bit of his writing style and decision making process.   It’s  a really rewarding experience to work so intensively and learn a lot along the way.  The show featured 84 separate artworks.   Nine of the works represent, “The Road Less Traveled,” which features the saxophone was emulated by illustrating the sound articulation and melodic shape of his performance.

Jazz Envisoned: Manhattan Lullaby by Britt Conley











Although Chris was unable to attend the opening, he was able to perform at the closing reception.   His memorizing performance of the many of the works from the album was an incredible experience for all!  Chris performs all over and is additionally the pianist for The Airmen of Note.  It was an honor to work with him.

Chris Ziemba Performing his album in Britt’s Studio at The Workhouse Arts Center on October 5th, 2019.
Artworks for Jazz Envisioned: Manhattan Lullaby, by Britt Conley
Jazz Envisioned: Manhattan Lullaby by Britt Conley.



















































The sculpture “Interval Sea” is heading overseas.  I really enjoyed creating it and will miss having it around the studio.  It’s going to a very loving home in Norway.

Interval Sea by Britt Conley



















It’s an honor enough to be showing at The Arts Club of Washington again from now until June 27th.  I was lucky enough to win the Award of Excellence for Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 6 in B minor, “The Pathetique” measures 221-229.  The day after the opening, I was asked it was available and he said wanted it : )

Tchaikovsky, Symphony No. 6 in B minor, “The Pathetique” measures 221-229. SOLD
















Also on view is the commission, “My Guitar, My Muse” that I’ve spent the past few years on.  It’s about the sound of guitar strings being plucked and all things music.  The Lovely couple who commissioned it came to The Arts Club for the official unveiling and seemed ecstatic about the outcome : )

My Guitar, My Muse by Britt Conley – SOLD












I used the guitar strings that the guitarist had performed with.  I really loved being able to add that personal touch and he really liked the idea.

Detail of My Guitar, My Muse by Britt Conley

















I’m also, currently the curator for a show titled “Artists in Their Own Right” at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA.  The show features just some of our over 50 community at Northern Virginia Community College.

Had a wonderful time putting the show up. It’s currently on view through August 18th at The Workhouse Arts Center, Building 16, 2nd floor. Photo by Britt Conley














The Opening reception will be July 13th, 2019 from 6-8pm.

After the reception, please come by my new studio in building 10 for small 2nd get together/new studio warming and birthday get together.  They’ll be cake!

Britt’s Studio at The Workhouse Arts Center.
Britt’s Studio at The Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA.




















I also be giving a sneak peak at the new show I’m working on! I’m working on 50 works while listening to one jazz album: Manhattan Lullaby by Chris Ziemba.   I’ll be personifying the music throughout the album in color.  I’m still working on the black & white under-layer structures for the next couple of weeks before adding those color layers.  I’m really excited about the show and watching all of this music come to life visually.  The exhibit is titled Jazz Envisioned: Manhattan Lullaby and will be on view at The Workhouse Arts Center in Building 10 from September 14th-October 6th.  Here is a sneak peak of the early stage inks I working on now…

Works by Britt Conley for Jazz Envisioned: Manhattan Lullaby










I was also thrilled to have sold Hummel’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in A minor.  Op. 25 thru the Arts Club of Washington in March. It’s a recent work and one of my favorites.

Hummel Piano Concerto No. 2 in A minor, Op. 25. By Britt Conley – SOLD

2018 News:

The Arts Club of Washington has been absolutely wonderful and I can’t recommend them enough.  In 2018 I was fortunate enough to win two awards of excellence for the first of my Chopin series and for Noturno Phantasm, a nocturn of the night.

Norturno.Phantasm by Britt Conley – SOLD















This wasn’t my first award from the Arts Club of Washington.  I’m lucky to have been award several others as well.

Winning an award of excellence from The Arts Club of Washington.









It was also shown at various other locations including The Arts Club of Washington and Northern Virginia Community College.

The Faculty Fine Art Show at The Center for Design, Media and the Arts at Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria Campus.











On View at The Huntington Museum of Art

One of the other really wonderful events this past year was having my first group showing at the Huntington Museum of Art.  Feldeinsamkeit was entered.  It is a Brahms lead for paino and male voice.  It’s inspired from a poem Brahms read about a man lying in the field in tall grass, listening to the incencent sound of crickets, while the clouds move rhythmically overhead.  Feldeinsamkeit  sold this summer to a wonderful couple.

Feldeinsamkeit by Britt Conley – SOLD



















It was a wonderful experience, the museum staff are incredible and the evening reception was phenomenally done.  I really loved being in the space and it has inspired a couple of potential museum shows that are in the making…

Feldiensamkeit by Britt Conley at The Huntington Museum of Art.











On view at The Workhouse Arts Center

It’s been a wonderful year… I was fortunate enough to be in The Workhouse Arts Center show Compounds Not Required with a phenomenal group of artists!

The panel featuring all of the artists.
Compounds Not Required 29 47 13 at the Workhouse Arts Center
Compounds Not Required Chopin Etude #12 Opus, 25 by Britt Conley
































2018 News:

On View at Strathmore Center of the Arts

In 2017 I was thrilled to be in Strathmore’s La Vie en Bleu.







The work I entered was the collaboration of John Kocur’s Out of the Blue and my, “Into the Blue.  I created the work to his writing style and he created the jazz composition to the painting.








The reception was incredible and a joy to meet some any fellow artists!

La Vie en Bleu oppening reception. Photo by Britt Conley
La Vie en Bleu opening Reception. Photo by Bruce Guthrie




















On View at The Workhouse Arts Center, 2017 Solo Show Musica.








2017 Artist in Residence with Virginia Bronze.

The most fun was spending the year collaborating with Virginia Bronze!  They are a 25 member handbell ensemble. They gave me four works to create art to, to go with their season’s final concert at The George Washington Memorial

Britt Conley’s Stained Glass and light show with Virginia Bronze at the National Masonic Temple. Photo by Forrest MacCormack

There were two concerts.  The other was performed at The Workhouse Arts Center.  The works I created were in glass.  I created one for Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite, Debussy’s Sunken Cathedral, Nimrod and Mussorgsky’s Great Gate of Kiev.
Britt Conley, working the concert at the Workhouse Arts Center









I then created a light show behind the glass that was played per buttons with the actual timing of the music.  Being a percussionist in a former life, I was able to pull it off.

Britt Conley’s Stained Glass and light show with Virginia Bronze at The Workhouse Arts Center 6/17/17
Oddly, learning how to do stained glass for the first time is not as hard as learning how to create lighting. Now this is a rather large learning curve.
Debussy’s Sunken Cathedral.
Learning to solder and make it happen. Photo by Jimmy Powers.
From first sketch to laying the glass down. Working on my first Stained Glass.

Britt Conley’s Stained Glass while testing the lighting

Debussy’s Sunken Cathedral in progress. By Britt Conley
Debussy’s Sunken Cathedral by Britt Conley
Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite by Britt Conley
Working on Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite
Real size sketch for Stained Glass Nimrod/Lux Aeterna. By Britt Conley

































































































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