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about-brittAs an artist, I desire to visualize what is generally not visual.  I’ve been gripped with this drive from an early age.  More often than not, my artistic explorations deal with essence of music, aesthetics or personifications of ideas that I believe should be thoughtfully engaged.  Art provides the means with which I can create mentally chewable works, in hopes of prompting viewers to reconsider, a representative idea or subject at hand. I love the flexibility of media that art offers; art’s communicative power and ability to lend itself to the imagination.   It’s the perfect means by which I can explore my thoughts, questions and theories about our experiential universe in visual form.

Most of my recent work personifies music by considering the aesthetic aspects of perception.  I am currently working through a series on the composition process in music, illustrating the physics of how music operates and the importance of decision making process.  All with the hope of providing a different view of musical experience through visualization.  Within these projects I also find myself exploring the process of expressing particular musical works and the aspects of the physicality of sounds and their generation.

I’ve always loved what art is, but I’m more enamored with what it can do.

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