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I’m working on a large show for my September show in September, at The Workhouse Arts Center.  I’m personifying Chris Ziemba’s album Manhattan Lullaby.  Everything is beginning with Ink.  I can’t wait to see this up on the wall!  The music will be going from frame to frame.

Artworks for Jazz Envisioned: Manhattan Lullaby, by Britt Conley












2019: I’m wrapping up a wonderful oil on canvas commission that I’ve had for too long, but it’s getting extra special treatment. Oils and drying time are always an issue with time…

Detail of guitar commission by Britt Conley
















I’m trying to get it completed and strung with guitar string from the musican who commissioned it, in the next few weeks!

Guitar Commission in progress by Britt Conley












Recently I’m working a lot with piano and harpsichord wire and doing representations of piano works.

Really enjoying it!

Impromtu Night by Britt Conley



















Notturno Phantasm, which had been worked on for much of 2018, in the evenings after work and weekends, was finally finished.  Although it’s a nocturn, this not a lullaby but whirwind of the illustions and potentials the night offers. It’s far more improvised than my usual works.  Far more colorful and textured.  It’s hard to see here but the texture strikes right off the canvas with deep groves and fully laden strokings of wet dollops of paint.  It’s been on exhibit at the Arts Club of Washington this past December and won their coveted Award of Excellence.  I so very honored and thrilled to have my works there.

Norturno.Phantasm by Britt Conley















2018: I’m also currently working on all twenty-four of Chopin’s Etudes.  The second painting, the 10th of Opus 25 is getting some extra work.  I am still gluing in the copper and then strining it before the end of November.

Chopin by Britt Conley








The  #12 Etude, Opus, 25 was just on display at the Arts Club of Washington and won an award of excellence.  I’m honorred to have been considered.

Chopin Etude #12 Opus, 25 by Britt Conley

All twenty-four works will be 3-D and represent the personificaiton of the feel and ambiance of the individual work as well as glipmses into Chopin’s thought process for their structure.

Been fairly busy the past couple of years working on new paintings, drawings and new mediums.  Here are just a handful of the dozens of works created…

Out of the Blue by Britt Conley
This is part of a series I did, personifying severals Jazz Composers writting styles.  One of the interesting aspects of Jazz composer, John Kocur’s aural communication is done with his reed articulation. To articulate with a reed instrument, one, has to press their tongue upon the reed just so, in order to articulate the grammar of stops, starts and nuanced sputterings that are used with creating the saxophone sentence.  These are the vowel vocabulary for shaping the sounds and their dynamics, and rise and fall. This piece personifies his writing and playing style including this all important articulation. I’ve added other instrumentation from piano, guitar, bass and drums. He received the painting and composed an original composition for it. Medium:Oil on CanvasDimensions: 30×48 Date: 2014













Circles and Chords by Britt Conley and Gene D'Andrea © 2014
I am representing the writing style of composer Gene D’Andrea. I visualized the experience of his sound in relation of that to his actual musical world. He loves a very open space and allows that space to vastly exist and breath between his notes. He then fills his space with neat sounds and punctuated metallic twerks and twirls which often march about with great complex fluidity within his wide ambiance. I then sent him the painting, which he used to compose a new original work based on this painting.Medium: Oil on Canvas 30×48, 2014



Rhapsody in Blue by Britt Conley
Gerwin’s Rhapsody in Blue as it’s being performed, recorded and turning into digital media. The work represent sections of the music, the clarinet and orchestra with interactions between phrasings and parts. With this work, I’m attempting to address the morphing between live vs. recorded sound and address the human elements vs. condensed and inanimate data. Medium:Mixed Media, graphite, pen, watercolor, acrylicDimensions: 32″ x 20″Date: 2015


Rapsody in Blue by Britt Conley
Rapsody in Blue by Britt Conley





































Beethoven Missa Solemnis by Britt Conley
Beethoven Missa Solemnis by Britt Conley








In 1948 John Cage wrote his magnificent work, “In a Landscape” I find it a stunningly beautiful piece.  Each sound that rises from the keyboard is fully resonant and simply rises up into the landscape.  I’ve decided to make this lanscape the upper stratosphere where sound leaves the planet and becomes one with the starts.  Each note, a gem, a star, a floating up into  vibrant strings of sounds.  Here is the piece:

John Cage: In a Landscape by Britt Conley













Sculpture moc-ups.

Working on this larger mock up for the bigger version for 2017.
Working on this larger mock up for the bigger version for 2017.


Music phrasings on ceramics by Britt Conley
Music phrasings on ceramics by Britt Conley










Currently in the Directors Collection at the Workhouse Arts Center
Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite.  Currently in the Directors Collection at the Workhouse Arts Center



















Bernstein by Britt Conley
Bernstein By Britt Conley






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