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Chopin Etude No. 12, Opus 25

Chopin Etude No. 12, Opus 25

Oil on Canvas, copper sheet, copper wound steel, phosphor bronze, brass and wood,
30 x 42 x 5”

Chopin Etude No. 12, Opus 25 by Britt Conley.   I listened to the Horowitz performance for this work.  I wanted to capture the beauty and surprise of the melody.  The work masses it’s energy in runs up and down the keyboard, creating this forte field of sound.  Out of this, one finger extends and hammers one moment of the melody, which then pops forward from the chordal din and then decays back into it.  This lovely hovering above so much energy creates a sublime free-wheeling.  The small copper bits represents the notes in different plains as it emerges through the din and back again.  The striping represents the sheer length of the runs and piano wire is the undulating rhythm that wheels between the melody and forte progressions.

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