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Manhattan Lullaby

Manhattan Lullaby

Graphite, 2019
Approximately  23 x 31 in frame

Manhattan Lullaby by Britt Conley. I am grateful to have been accepted into the 34th edition and Spring issue of The Virginia Review Magazine and even more honored to be featured on the cover.  In 2019 I was fotunate enough to collaborate with jazz pianist and composer, Chris Ziemba.  I visually personified much of his 2016 jazz album, Manhattan Lullaby with over 80 works for my exhibition Jazz Envisioned: Manhattan Lullaby.  This graphite work personifies his beautiful title work.  The entire album is about NY.  I wanted to visualize the window reflections that move as one walks by.  They feel like memories in the making, which is the very essence of Chris’s writing experience, as he walked the streets of New York.

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