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Martha Washington


Martha Washington 9 x 8.5 Graphite on paper
Martha Washington 9 x 8.5 Graphite on paper

Steve and I went  to Mount Vernon today.  After watching the HBO series John Adams, it’s surprising we waited this long.  I especially wanted to see and meet Martha Washington.  Now I know she is just a character actress, (and a shockingly good one at that), but I have a soft spot for her.  Every Haloween when I was a kid I would dress up as Martha Washington and spend next few hours gathering candy while indignantly pointing out I was not Betsy Ross or a ghost.  I loved Martha Washington.  I believe this started around 4 1/2, possibly after my one other visit to Mount Vernon with my Dad.  So being the nerd that I am and having a soft spot for my childhood, I thought meeting Martha would be great and I was right.  Today’s sketch is her having tea at Mount Vernon.

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