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Options 6 x 9.5" Graphite on paper
Options 6 x 9.5" Graphite on paper

These days the options are to do or not to do?  And there are so many options with so little time.  Today’s drawing is glimpse into everything that’s on my mind right now.  Possible layoffs at work, building new skill sets and wondering how to build that bridge and how on earth one does it quickly.  Hopefully all will be well.  Today’s drawings is about all the possible seemingly overlapping routes one can take.  Some will lead to dead ends and some only get you so far, requiring the leap of faith and guts to hurl one into a new place.  Others have numerous road blocks while the rest seem like a circular path to where I already am.  It’s probably safe to say that most in the Newspaper Industry are going through the same thing.  Only time will tell.

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