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The Last Love Song Always Sings

After watching a rather good ending for the Dr. Who season I began to think about love and those left behind that simply wait.  One of the characters did just that.  He waited 2,000 years for to see his love once more.  Thinking of those who wait.  I thought of those who are always the last to sing those love songs.  Usually, there are the ones left behind.  And although most would consider them the buffoons and fools, I like to look at them as the great songsters and poets of mankind.   Those who put love in the great context it deserves.  It is only those who have lost more than they had to loose that have the ability to go on and sing about it long after the world has forgotten.

The last love song for the world © Britt Conley
The last love song for the world © Britt Conley

This piece is about that song and how it sings about glory but by the end it strums heights and delicacies that only the mandolin player knows.  Thus the lower 2/3rds of the piece are the story and the upper third is the soaring of the heart in tune.

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