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Feels great to be back drawing

It’s hard to believe I stopped drawing for so long.  I keep blaming the job.  I like to say it’s really me but frankly I don’t think so.  I am only human and I can spend all day gathering up photos on deadline and then come home and be creative.  What I can’t do is be over worked, gathering up photos, doing unexpected add ons etc… and then expect to get home and rise to yet another occasion.  So, yea.  I’m blaming having a day job.  But, now that I am unemployed, it’s all different.  I am finally getting back to all those projects, whims and loves.  Mostly redefining myself yet again.

Sketching today © Britt Conley
Sketching today © Britt Conley

As I mentioned in my update status on Facebook today:

Britt Conley – had my drink, sat on the stoop and banged out 10 sketches for my next portrait painting series. Will be working on it while I wrap up the previous ones over the next year. At least I have one commission out of the way! One more to go and then 6 non-commissioned ones from the past few years that finally get their due.

It was a great drawing day and all in one hour as well.  I watched a five part video interview of Lucien Freud this morning and it changed my life.  Sounds absurd, but it did.  We think very similarly.  He, however, is the best and able to paint all day and night.  I am unknown and still working through my ideas.  He made me realize I am an artist whether I make a penny off of it or not.  So I am diligently creating away my next big round of work.
Britt : )

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