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The Weekend…

I had a lovely time today working on this piece at The Corner Bakery.  The weather was stunning! My husband and I sat outside, each set out our art pads and drafting pencils on the large round wrought iron table.  It took me a bit of time to get off my ipad – it’s a bit addictive.  But once I made the choice and choose my pencil lead the following piece began to take shape.  It’s Yin and Yang at play.   The design was quite easy, however there was one area that I stroked several times to divvy up the space and not matter what was placed, the new division space would not balance with the rest of the piece.  I quietly hyper-focused, and then in one motion delineated it perfectly.  I love it when those moments happen.  I would have otherwise, put this away for another day until that last stroke came to mind and I could finish it.

Today's sketch © Britt Conley
Today's sketch © Britt Conley

I’ll be transferring this one to canvas as well.  It should be a a lovely series once it’s in paint.  Thinking about the fundamental paint layering as I write.

Britt : )

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