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Lyre Maker’s Remorse

An ode to the beauty, dedication and fun it must be for the Lyre maker to build such an instrument.  I suppose there would be remorse in such a calling.  I mean how many orders must there be in a year?  But, that said, the beauty in it’s sound, the feel and love that must be in that heart’s calling is song in an of itself.

Lyre Maker's Remorse © Britt Conley
Lyre Maker's Remorse © Britt Conley

I particularly love those who love what the world thinks is arcane.  It’s those few who help make the world keep spinning on it’s axis while the rest of humanity blindly stumbles about.  So thanks to you, (the lyre maker) and every other arcane dabbler.

I drew this today after a very nice trip to the art store where I picked up inks, leads, paints and canvas. Making big plans.  Hopefully they won’t be thwarted.


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