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The art of swaying me isn’t easy.  In fact the odds are generally against it.  That said I am always open to be proved otherwise and frankly just love it when it actually happens.  The truth should always win.  I rather like to be swayed.  It’s unexpected and its often a nice journey.  I may just have to title this piece Sway Me.

Sway © Britt Conley
Sway © Britt Conley

I started this a couple of days ago and the final spatial divisions struck me just an hour ago.  The path was clear and I broke out pencils and ran with it.  Heading out with a friend to hear some great writing by Jeremy Messersmith.  Great music and worth the trip.

Just incase you didn’t know I’m on Twitter, well barely on twitter – me and my lovely 14 followers.  Everything recent is on twitpic as well.  Just me, my daily visual song and a comment.  A very short comment.

Britt : )

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