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13.75 Billion Years to Bradbury

I first went to Disney World in 1972.  It was amazing.  The mouseketeers were there as well as  everything from cowboys and Indians to tomorrow land which of course stole my heart.  I grew up under a mother who loved Bradbury.  She would read to me entire sections of books and made sure we had a good Asimov upbringing as well.  So I desperately wanted to see the world of tomorrow.   But it really stole my heart as I was walking toward it and my mother said, “Ray Bradbury designed this!”  All I could think was what it must look like on paper.  Now I’ve found no evidence to support this grand claim but it was a great moment in my life because the design of the entryway to tomorrow land and the rocket ship behind was right out of my vision of Bradbury’s books.  I was honored to even be there.

13.75 Billion Years to Bradbury © Britt Conley

So to Bradbury I am giving back with my own ode to him, Tomorrow Land and all the great days and nights of reading.  This is my version of Bradbury’s Universe and today’s sketch.

Britt : )

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