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Touching You

There is an aesthetic beauty in the soft and yet pressured swirl that occurs with touch.  Touch is how we love, how we feel and how we express ourselves.

Touching You © Britt Conley

I was out for an hour last night, drawing quietly in the outdoor seating area of my corner bakery when I happened to overhear an insane conversation by a woman who wanted out of her marriage.  She spoke of how he would bring her flowers and take her out to great restaurants in the beginning and that now she is just part of the family unit.  She went through a laundry list of checks that she had for why this guy ended up her husband.  Each and every one was based on an insane list of stuff: provider of stuff, offering her stuff, promising her stuff.  Once they were left alone to actually live their lives together the stuff wasn’t good enough.  His actions were not good enough and all she could do was complain.

All I could think of was that this woman at no point married her husband because of touch and the magic that happens two people hold hands and the world is well.   There is an incredible respect that occurs with touch.  So much more can be said touch than with words.  I had no check list, just touch, the joy of the senses, the heart and everything else that comes from simple contact.  You hold hands, you caress, you hug and you feel, smile and laugh.  Without that, no check list will hold up.

Today’s sketch is the joy of touching.  I call it Touching You.

Britt : )

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