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The Songs I’ll Sing

I’ve been writing a lot of songs lately.  Usually I have something rolling around my head when in a good silence.  But now that I’ve decided to finally buy a Ukulele, learn how to play it and find all those notes that are mentally fixed with some rather nice lyrics I’ve jotted down.  I have yet the means by which to play the song singing about my head, but this is what it looks like.  It’s title is The Songs I’ll Sing.

The Song's I'll Sing © Britt Conley

I suppose it’s all the time off.  But it’s been wonderful; I laugh.  This past year has been full of death, family and friends committing suicide, losing my mother, job, and unspoken losses and the surgery.  There has been a bit of despair.  But I can’t help but find the silver lining when life presses. It seems the harder the pressure the greater I rise to the occasion. Decades ago I was suicidal at one point and for some reason I suddenly kicked life back.  I have never had to look back from that moment.  I love life.  I love feeling, breathing and honestly stating the obvious.  I love LIFE. When I chew the bitter and the sweet things that come my way, I create art and music from the heart.  I am content.  So the world can bring it on, but I will continue to sooth it’s savage beast with a smile and a gentle drawing.

There you have a bit of Britt you probably didn’t know.

Britt : )

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