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A Heartfelt Laugh

There are many laughs.  There is the polite laugh which is often as nonchalantly offered up as the polite smile.  You know where one is expected to give back.  Then there is the rambunctious and perilously unpredictable laugh that comes from physical humor; that which often fills up America’s Funniest Home Videos. Of course there is the  intellectually manipulated laugh which tends to contort the mind into a sheer outburst of mental surprise.  And finally there is my favorite: The heartfelt laugh.  The one laugh that effortlessly fills the depths of your heart and bubbles up from such depth and with such effervescence that it leaves you entirely disarmed and open to inhale everything around you with an honesty that is rarely felt.  I love this laugh and the smiling it brings.

The Heartfelt Laugh © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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