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A Fuzzy Warble in Two

I was listening to some Fuzzy Warbles by a writer named Andy Partridge.  The works are akin to lovely raw sketches of great little riffs and mergences of effects and ideas that shine amist a noise which may seem counter productive on first listen but in fact its rather interesting in a lovely way. I decided to draw the inherent structure of a particular piece.  What I found however, was that there were really two.  The top drawing, below, marks the aestheticism and the breath within the cadence and feel of the guitar strumming and the bass.  The one below it represents the playfulness of the lyricism and punctuated sounds that top.

Musical Structure © Britt Conley

The basic structure is lush, full and expansive with swelling aesthetiism.  The topical overlays are dissonant, fun as well as rhythmically and tonally unexpected.  The combo is full of nearly insane contrast and yet it makes you appreciate each layer even more.  Who knew.

Musical Structure © Britt Conley

It’s nice. I may just have to order the lot of them.

Britt : )

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