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The well adjusted mute

Still braced from a bitterly cold walk, and entering into a warm coffee flavored room at the Corner Baker was nice enough but made even better by the sounds of good jazz.  “Now this is a song to draw to!” I thought as I scanned for a table.  Despite the fact that that great tune had ended, once I had unpacked and had pencils at the ready I kept being distracted by that song which just kept ricocheting  about my noggin.  Instead of fighting it, I decided to draw it.  The question was, what was the “it” that had me so entranced?  That seemed simple enough, that great muted trumpet.  It was still clear and yet muffled without the rustic wobbling wha wha quality (not that I don’t love that as well), but its resonance was singular as it cascaded from one incline to the next peak in a lovely unison with the ensemble.  I didn’t want to be too overt, so I made a three line staff for my trumpeter’s motif.  Added some skewed linear motifs with single dots to correlate to the double dotted bass clef.  Just a means to punctuate the musicality of the piece.  The trumpet was clearly in the treble.   Overall, I love drawing sound.  A bit of an obsession I haven’t explored nearly enough.  I could do a lot more with this, it feels unfinished.  But I have paintings to work on.  Perhaps another day : )

A Muted Trumpet © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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