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Today, I saw a Facebook status from my friends over at The Nation’s Newspaper asking, “Should we teach evolution in schools?”  I was flabbergasted at the mere question.  Really?  Really?!  Well, you can imagine the write-ins after that.   Most angrily pointing out the obvious, yes with a bit more fervor and with well-sentenced arguments addressing the absurdity of the question.  I stayed out of it.  It’s no wonder that people don’t trust the media.  The media doesn’t even trust itself to state obvious.  It’s all about he said, she said: let the reader make up their own mind.  It’s bad enough that politics has been hijacked from the media’s journalistic glare by this very process but science?  Really?  Really?! I hope this is passing condition of the Nation at large, like temporary insanity.   Sadly I don’t think it is.  Well at least for a while.  The pendulum will swing back.  It always does.  But really people, this has gone on long enough.

Today’s drawing is a little abstract ode to science and evolution.  We have a salamander, amoebas, a tad pole and fish.   Unfortunately the room simply wasn’t there for the pterodactyl I had hoped to place up top.  It was however, a joy to draw.  I guess they all are but this one was especially fun.

And for even more fun I’ve added this gem from They Might Be Giants :

Evolution © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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