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Unhooking oneself from attachment

While I’m going through boxes, books, and gazing at my collections of this and that I’m having to part with many things that I have happily collected, gazed at and enjoyed much of my life.  The big problem is that I presumed I was going to live in some sort of 40 room Georgian mansion in the middle of England and instead, I’m in a dinky little apartment in U.S. LOL.  So there you have my life’s misconceptions.  As it turns out, I’m probably a lot happier with my life than most of those in their mansions… so I wouldn’t trade lives for anything.

I have collected well though.  But now it’s finally dawned on me that if anything my life will be smaller than anticipated and full of the things that matter.  And frankly as lovely as my things are… If I only had room for some… the decisions would be made.  You may as well put a red arrow over my head, “You are here”.   Why? well, we are moving!  And I really want to move well and move into a new space that promotes a creative environment.

So today’s drawing is me gently and sometimes painfully unhooking those little barbs of love and captivation for the things that have brought me joy.  I have to downsize.  There’s no choice.  I’m on the left as the oval and my collectables and my attachment to them are on the right, barbs and all.

Unhooking oneself from attachment © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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