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I managed the winter walk over to my favorite drawing spot this evening and started the two hours alone with my pencils as I always do… staring at a blank page.  The thing that I love about a blankness is that anything is possible and therefore probable.  Sometimes I bring all that I have and strike in one fell swoop, other times I meander and even goof-off.  Most of the time I’m experimenting.  But what I love most is building.  I love to build space, probably more than traipsing across it.  I simply LOVE structure.  I could take any one of my drawings a divvy it up into endless fractal sized new complexities but I would probably look a little crazy at that point, so I don’t. LOL.  So after a few days of traipsing across the page I thought I’d get back to building some space… I’ll spend tomorrow bringing it to life.

Structure © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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