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Building Space

The other day I posted my outline sketch for this work.  The post was simply titled: Structure.  Today, in the wee hours of the morning, I began building across those proportions.  Designing space is not as simple as dividing up an area.  Not only does each new division of space re-distribute the weight of the piece, each new line attenuates the brain differently.  Line is the lyric. You play your line in the wrong place and it’s instantly in the wrong key glaringly leaps off the rest of the page like a harebrained consonant.  Elevating line three dimensionally above the areas of the space is tricky.  There is a feel to each partial segment.  It’s much like conducting various sounds.  A single misplaced melody ruins the piece.

Personally, I love the challenge of building the capacity of a space in a way that breaths and then using line to speak so that the space doesn’t settle.  It’s like singing or soloing above music.  I’ve mentioned, on occasion, that I look at each work like its own little sonnet, and that’s true, but I construct each piece like it’s own little song: self contained and hopefully endlessly singing.  Well, at least that what they bring for me.

Building Space © Britt Conley


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