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Sing it

Had a tough Monday.  Despite not feeling well, I managed to make it through the first day of a great new job, although I must have looked a bit peeked.  By the time I made it home my body was spent and desperate for some horizontal time.  Today of course is much better.  Had a great day at work and even managed to get the pencils out this evening.

Tonight I wanted to sing my little paper song.  It may be on the fly, but it’s buttressed well.  I may make a few changes in a couple of areas for the canvas version but it’s a great start.  There is more breathable space with room to weave in and out; room I don’t generally leave.  I am a very private person and my guess is that if my work can be read like a signature, I leave my private life very well protected and am clearly, endlessly self entertaining, LOL.  So having space to move within is a neat new sign.  Perhaps it’s the security of the new job?  Or maybe I’m just celebrating feeling way better after yesterday. Couldn’t tell ya.  But it’s nice. Doubt it will last though : )

Really looking forward to working these larger.  Considering doing these four times the size and in silver point as well as canvas.  Canvas will look entirely different. Great, but different.

Sing it © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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