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Symphony in Me

This work encompasses all the craziness I’ve endured the past Year.  The lowest part of the page are the first little efforts of mine to cough up a bit of me into the world after the surgery and losses.  The middle section represents struggling with the dips and chaotic balances that followed as I attempted to build back my life.  The top part is me now; conversant with the world at large, creating and still a bit chaotic ; )  I’ve placed these events within a sound, embracing structure because despite this seemingly haphazard journey, in the overall scheme of things, my life has always been very secured within it’s timeline.  I consider what ever I’m doing now to be yet another phase.  One that I must traverse to get to where I’m destined to be.  It’s annoying, it’s frustrating its, tantalizing and it’s danceable, much like rolling a log on a river with your feet and having to keep your balance.  There’s a long way to go and I keep falling off – LOL and yet I’m getting my footwork down.  So this is my year, my month and definitely this week.  All part of the crazy symphony that has been and is currently me.  I’d like to do a pairing for this piece in six months and see how it’s changed.  Hopefully by then, the balance will be back on track, the line will fly and the space will lovingly breath.

Symphony in Me © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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