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All Systems Go

I’ve been metaphorically stumbling about, feeling my way through the dark for months now and without any confirmation as to where the hell I was.  Mostly for obvious reasons and some not.  This stumbling, tumbling and being kicked about by the wind has been slowly driving me insane and causing my general frustration level to rise toward untenable.  I was getting increasingly unhappy about this drifting when today things became clear, my footing gained traction and suddenly I could get back to just being me.  You have no idea how good this feels.  Turns out I just need the metaphorical lights turned on so I could see where I was standing.

Had a lovely time over at Corner Bakery this afternoon having tea and working on today’s drawing: All Systems Go.  The work represents my world and the objects are my means to move forward on that one important project: me.   I no longer have to use introspection to ponder whether all the pieces are in order.  I can now get this rocket started.  The pieces are all oddly shaped but they can be configured, balanced and enjoyed, which means I can now get back to creating and thriving.

All Systems Go © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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