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Composing Moments

Today I just wanted to relax and draw for a bit.  I’ve been burning the candle a bit lately. Love the lower half of the piece; it’s me, and my play.  The upper half however, is less purposed.  It’s kind of light lyrical wash on the rhythm guitar without the defining ascension of a lead.  I’ll be adding a lead and some percussion to the upper half for a fuller poignant rendition of what is below.  That will have to wait for another day.  I find letting something percolate for a day or two allows me to come back to the page and just strike upon it with just the right moments.  One of which will be filling in the left over space in the left hand corner area, which should make the middles section far more prominent and stage for what’s to come.   So there you have it.  Of to make dinner.


Composing Moments

Britt : )

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