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An Invitation to Strum

I am especially susceptible to sound.  It’s an integral part of my being and how I interpret all things.  I can hear the smallest changes in resonance.  To me sound is touch, feel and space all rolled into one.  It has bodily depth.  If this drawing were a real instrument, this would be the invitation for someone to come up and play themselves across this space.  I have build the stage and provided strings for two.  I have also left a room full of space by which the person could draw their sound, overlaying it across this space in dots and marks and soft strumming.  I’ve always wanted to share a canvas with someone.  Literally having a physical tete e tete, line for line back and forth, re-diving the space and the lyric and line in a chess game of feel and reaction to each new division.  Don’t know If I’ll ever get that chance.  I’d like to do that soon though.  But what I can do is send this invitation out to anyone who’d like to try drawing their sound upon this space.  If anyone wants to give this a shot email me and I’ll send you a high res to print out.

An Invitation to Strum © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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