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Christmas in July, or May… : )

The Party is clearly well under way : )  I usually do my drawings in a single shot, sometimes taking a second pass here and there but this particular piece I did once light and then decided to go back in more boldly with more gesturing.  It’s far looser than I usually work but it has its charm as a sketch.  Being a very deliberate artist, this is fairly haphazard for me and yet was fun!  More importantly it’s done.

I spent some quality time over at my favorite drawing spot today enjoying a giant cup of tea and working on some character studies for a family portrait.  I’m drawing the members as puppets posing for a portrait.  I’d like to have them being forced to be doing things they don’t want to do.  One of them will be cutting her own strings… she can’t help it, she’s a wee bit of a trouble maker ; ) Hopefully it will capture the essence of this particular family dynamic.  It’s a very important piece and has required a great deal of thinking, research and variations.  The deadline has been pushed back a few weeks which is great for my schedule.  Well, that is it for me.  I spent the day elbow deep with scrubbing down the art department.  I’m bushed.  Another big day tomorrow.

Christmas in July, or May © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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