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The Making of Me

Push comes to shove is a fascinating experience.  You are indeed pushed beyond the comfort of your being.  On the plus side… and there is ALWAYS a plus side, you have a great deal of say as to how you get back up.  I have finally stood back up this very month and have my symphony players wrangled.  They have no idea what they’ll be performing, but they are the best that I could find.  They are the new parts of me and who I will become over the next six months as I move, unpack and rise into post grief Britt.  One thing I do know… I’ll be working grander and with more focus than ever before.  This is the great gift that eventually comes from loss: great change and the choice to decide what it will be.

As for the drawing, I’ll be enlarging this from 8 1/2 x 11 toward 30 inches or so and then onto a 4 x 6 foot canvas.  I rarely love my drawings… I’m usually just intrigued by them : )  But I love this.  It’s me.

The Making of Me © Britt Conley


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