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I really enjoyed working on the last Kiss drawing.  Love the space, the swirling line and the dance of it all.  A few days ago an offer came in to do something for a possible exhibiting opportunity … paint two horizontal bed sheets that would hang in a club for two months.  Now, I’ve never painted on cloth, so that is a challenge, but the idea seems alluring.  So today I sat down and considered something for such a horizontal space and decided to take what I couldn’t put in the kiss drawing into this one… space.  The kiss was more about moving over and around and within… but, conveying space is a bit more stagnate and iconic.  I tried to maintain the life but really constrain it into shapes that would still rise above the space they were in, and yet stay shapes non the less. I really love this work.  I’m starting to think in terms of large spaces again and designing for product vs… just doodling about designing.  Because the entire design/drawing process is so damn relaxing… it’s easy to just create stuff that isn’t necessarily moving me or the viewer forward.  I think I managed to avoid that situation today.  I was thinking end game and love the way it feels.  I’ll have to title this at some point.  I generally know what I’m drawing at on onset but this is more of an abstract for abstracts sake… will mull something over.

Shape © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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