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Writing a New Me…

Looking out over the great hills and valleys that have been climbed and traversed, I sit atop the highest peak thus far… I can spot my proverbial horse down there… he’s running amuck. I see the lake of sorrow still shimmering.  The dandy lions along the way are grouped into little pockets of loveliness.  Here I sit with drawing board in hand… head reflecting all that has passed … considering all that is to come.  It’s a great place to be… I am writing a new me.  I say writing because drawing for me is visual writing and these are my self contained sonnets of a sort.

I began the evening drawing my latest attempt at “Did gyre and gimble in the wabe.”  I’ve already posted Slithy Toves.  But, as time went by, I found myself breaking out another blank slate while considering where I am at this juncture.  And there is where today’s drawing emerged. This is very me and the essence of my style.  I spend so much time looking for a new line and mixing up my content that sometimes I forget to just be me.  And being me right now feels pretty good.


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