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Next Moves

I am finally and firmly sitting on a lovely purple plush velvety chair in my home office, at a beautiful desk drawing.  For those of you who have followed my trials and tribulations over the past couple of years, I believe it’s fair to say… this moment was a long time coming and well deserved.  I’ve closed the book on the past and am starting a new.  I’ve made it through the last big hurdle that I know of and am now here now and ready to concentrate on my art, music and me.

For two years I’ve been mentally gestating new works and spinning them about the noggin.  It’s time for the next moves.  Time to break out, be bolder, and get my bigger projects started.  I finally have the space and the time.  So there you have it.  The man in today’s drawing is an artist, he represents me in a way.  He’s eye to eye with blank canvas and ready to start painting.

Next Moves © Britt Conley

Britt : )

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