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The Suspension of Disbelief

Still galavanting away on my quest to integrate these new dark areas into my architecture.  Designing is easy, the tones however are still in flux. Perhaps color is the answer? Blue? Red? Another consideration for yet another day. I do like where this is going.

On a production note: This is the first drawing I’ve done three times. I don’t believe I’ve ever drawn the same drawing twice.  Different versions on a rare occasion, but never an exact replica.  If I screw it up it’s in the bin: done and never to be seen again.  I generally don’t screw a drawing up.  I take it first pass.  If I don’t love it, I may try another version.  For me much of the work is mental.  I have to visualize what I’m going to do… work out the choreography and then attack the paper in one continual dance.  Nothing can be tentative.

That said, tonight I created two exact replicas of my original.  I really loved this work.  The first was perfect up until  accidently swiping the permanent liquid graphite into the middle of the piece and ruining it!  After a small mental hissy fit I marched upstairs and grabbed the light table.  The second round was going along nicely when the brush skipped and bobbled right past the line, thus ruining #2.  The third pass was far more painstaking and slow.  I was going to finish this damn thing and do it right if it took all night.  It did. LOL. Still, it’s a test and although the paper held up, I didn’t.  I will try some color in the days to come, as mentioned above.  That may just do the trick.  On a great side note. I was asked my first personal question as an artist about my work yesterday and it meant a lot to me.  It was a great question, essentially when and how did the serious depth in my work arrive.  I answered it in full.  I’m still shocked anyone even noticed but as someone who takes my own work very seriously… I was really surprised to see that someone had noticed and feel beyond appreciative.

The Suspension of Disbelief © Britt Conley


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