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Play for Me

Currently in the middle of working out some visualized orchestrations: delineating sounds, moments, measures etc… I could go on an on but all in due time.  Today’s work, oddly enough is not one of them at all, LOL, it is however, about them.  It’s about the process listening, distilling as a singular canvas by which each work I digest is just for me and my mental considerations.  It’s no longer about the work overall, it’s relevance within greater works.  It’s just about the direct communication from a given composer to me.  I’m not concerned with intent, I can never know that… I can only absorb what is laid out before me and enjoy the dance between me, my paper, the graphite and the aural complexities of what is given.  I am very much loving this project.  It’s going to be quite fun over the next year.

Play for Me © Britt Conley


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