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Ensemble Me

Well, I’ve been down for the count for the past few days.  It all started a few weeks ago when a glass framed print came off the wall and into my face.  I had bit of a concussion and it took a few days before even more pain arrived.  I presumed all was well and it was simply taking a while to heal and then some days it would just be unbearable… others fine with some motrin and stuff to do.  After a few worse days I figured it was time to see someone and find out why it is still hurting.  Well, It turns out I broke my nose and worse it swelled up just from the exam. My face should have been the pain it’s been. After being made worse again from the exam I took the big pain killer, only problem it gave me 8 hours of the worse nausea of my life… OMG.  Couldn’t even move my head slightly off center without a trip to the loo. It was horrible, but granted, I didn’t feel my nose. LOL! Well, I finally got it out of my system and despite some more nausea today I’m thrilled it’s done.  This however means my face is killing me!!!! If I move or blink or simply just sit here I’m in a lot of pain.  So I’m hoppped up on over the counter everything and hoping this all does the trick (which so far it hasn’t) until my nose heals.  I’ve been sleeping most of the day.  About an hour ago I was up and in so much pain I just decided to find something to get my mind off things, so a quick sketch was had.  Not very neat but I’ll transfer it nice paper and do it very clean through and through in a few months.  In too much pain to do a decent job with the keyboard so that will have to be redrawn at a later date when I have some patience. For now it’s just scratchily blocked in. I’m surprised I was able to do it at all frankly. I’m at wits end waiting for next dosing time.

If I had a genie to grant me three wishes, one would be that I could finally hear my music outside of my own head.  I would love to have an ensemble play what I write and hear so clearly.  My call to the Universe is Ensemble Me!

Ensemble Me © Britt Conley


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