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Klee Klack

After an incredibly busy couple of months, I finally managed to get some drawing in!  This past week, I’ve been teaching a class to middle schoolers on how to draw music.  It really was wonderfully fun and amazing working with them.  After some long work days it’s finished and I’m grabbing some of that elusive creative time I remember so well ; )

Tonight I delved into two drawings: Klee Klack and Kloink.  I know… ridiculous names but they are what came to mind when I set out to do these.  Musical and yet not entirely my usual aural repertoire.  I simply wanted to have fun tonight.  Klee Klack is about making noise.  Kloink is more stayed and a rough outline for the instruments that do these things.  That is all I’ve got this evening… heading to bed.  Looking forward to some further drawing time tomorrow as well as organizing out some other larger artistic projects 🙂

Klee Klack © Britt Conley
Kloink © Britt Conley


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