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I rarely create literal works but this one is gentle but nice reminder for a friend of mine to use his tremendous talent for the sheer purpose of adding to the progress of humanity.  In other words, write for the sake of the piece itself and not for it’s final resting spot or viewer.  Write or create so that the work lives at all.  And frankly if you’re going to go to the effort, be amazing.  No one cares how prolific you are, they care about whether or not you truly impacted them, whether or not you wield a powerful thought or directness of communication.  Anyone can be gentle, or shocking for shockings sake, or just like someone else, but few can be truly unique.  I heard a great quote of which I will paraphrase to suit my needs… , “You can’t beat __________ at their own game.”  Write unlike any other.  No one can beat you at being you.  That is how you make your tremendous mark.  All the greats share that.  They are only themselves.  Play, find your colorings, find what you are amazing at and make those moments tangible and when your done, present them well.

Curious to see if I get my own butt kicking back 😉



Write! © Britt Conley

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