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Coffee 9 x 12" Graphite on paper
Coffee 9 x 12" Graphite on paper

Anyone who knows my husband, knows he loves his coffee as much as I love my tea.  Our weekend would not be complete without a trip to one of the local coffee/tea shops for said cup of joe.  Today we went to Greenberry’s for our drinks and list making.  I also did a lot of painting on my commission today.  It’s a 36×36″ oil on canvas portrait of a woman with her lovely two dogs.  It’s coming along nicely and is far more bolder than how is had been.

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  1. Britt,
    I just figured out how to find your drawings. You’re really good!


  2. Thanks so much Jeff! Well I still have a long way to go but am having a blast. This blog sure is helping!

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