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A night at the Ball


A Night at the Gala 5 x 8.5 Graphite x paper
A Night at the Gala 5 x 8.5 Graphite x paper

Maybe it’s just because I haven’t been out to an event in while, or that I am in desperate need of a haircut and a trip to the gym, or maybe it’s just having been hold up indoors listening to the rain and doing my blog day after day, but the other night was the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Spring Gala and I was yet again at work and heading home to mostly sit and draw.  I love gala’s.  My husband and I went to a Viennese Waltzing Gala last, but that was a long time ago now.  So tonight I thought, if I were going to some Spring gala, what would I wear?  This is the dress I made up.  Until then and for now you’ll find me in more t-shirts, jeans and keds and probably at the gym.

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